Sunday 8 April 2012

Velleman 8055 USB Experiment Interface Board

I have had this Interface board that I purchased from Maplin for a while and have finally got round to writing a Unix Library and Tool for accessing it via the Linux USB HID device.

Project is on Google Code:

Further details will appear on the project wiki but this picture is taken after running the following command to set the Digital Outputs to 7, Analog Output 1 to 128 and Analog Output 2  to 255. Multimeter is showing volts on Analog 1 (Roughly half of 5v). It is written in C.

[root@goflex src]# ./v8055 DO=7 AO1=128 AO2=255
Board: Vendor=4303, Product=21760, Version=0, Name=Velleman  USB K8055

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